Get Bent Yoga ~ classes 7 days a week

Yoga tailored to your needs

Get Bent Yoga classes are very supportive.  We offer yoga classes 7 days a week including: Beginner, Advanced and Chair Yoga for Seniors.  If you are new to yoga, our friendly instructors will support you all the way.  We personally assess your needs and tailor poses to suit your abilities.  You do not need to memorize routines or struggle to follow the instructor.  Our yoga instructors clearly explain each pose and provide you with hands on guidance.  Poses are held for a long time period at Get Bent to help you learn the poses and experience their full benefits.

A special & consistent style

We developed a unique style of yoga at Get Bent that focuses on the physical health benefits of yoga including our Chair Yoga classes.  Our instructors are consistently trained in Get Bent Yoga so the teaching methods, atmosphere, and personal support you receive is consistent in every class. Our instructor team will monitor your progress and provide you with personal support so you receive the full benefits of Get Bent Yoga.

Yoga Props

We also utilize yoga props to help you develop proper alignment, balance, strength and deeper flexibility.  Yoga props are items like blocks, straps, cushions and chairs to help you perform the poses more easily and with proper alignment.  This allows you to enjoy the benefits of yoga while being fully supported.

We provide free yoga mats & props for classes ~ also for sale in our retail store

Get Bent Chair Yoga

Ideal for seniors and people with limited mobility

Unique to Get Bent, our Chair Yoga classes are ideal for older adults and people with limited mobility.  Our Chair Yoga classes are socially engaging and develop greater coordination, flexibility, strength and dexterity.  We also teach Get Bent Chair Yoga in retirement homes and assisted living centres throughout the Okanagan.

Get Bent Yoga - Teacher Training Courses

Get Bent Chair Yoga ~ Training Course

For staff at retirement homes and assisted living centres

Get Bent offers Chair Yoga Teacher Training throughout BC.  This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to teach Get Bent Chair Yoga to seniors in-house at retirement homes and assisted care centres.  For more information, please contact Get Bent at 250-462-1025.

Get Bent Yoga Instructor ~ Training Course & Practicum

Become a Get Bent Yoga instructor

This 6 month course teaches you the detailed anatomy, asanas, modifications, and teaching methods required to teach Get Bent Yoga.  This intensive course also includes a 2 month teaching practicum and unlimited access to all our yoga drop-in classes.

For complete details about the Get Bent Yoga Teacher Training Course, please contact us at 250-462-1025.

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